I’ve always grown up with dogs in our household, but being the youngest – it was never my full responsibility to care for them. So it was a different kind of relationship. Now my husband and I have our own little furball, Vash the Stampede! And now I really know how it feels…the love…my furry love.

There are so many people who think we are crazy. They scoff and say it’s just an “animal.” It makes me wonder why certain people just can’t understand. It has nothing to do with animal or not…it’s simply the relationship. There’s this invisible tie…a beautiful connection of love. Am I ┬ábeing too mushy here? Every single day, Vash makes me smile, lightens the mood, shows his love and enthusiasm. It’s a constant reminder for me to live happily, smile (or wag your tail) and just love…even if it’s furry love. Am I just one of those funky animal peeps? I certainly don’t mind it… who can resist this cutie?

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