National Scrapbook Day has come and gone. It’s a holiday to celebrate memory keeping and get folks to actually scrapbook their memories. I managed to complete a bunch of pages, even if it was in 10 minute intervals, off and on throughout the weekend. It goes to show that if you really want to get something done, you’ll find the time to do it… even if it’s very little time.


My scrapbook pages are getting simpler as I have realized that it is the photos I really want to focus on. It can be difficult for me to really journal out all that I am feeling – pouring out my heart so to speak. We are not all so comfortable doing so and I think that is totally okay as well. It’s been sort of the trend to say that a page starts with the story. Which is probably true in some respects. I often decide to scrapbook a photo because it invokes nostalgia or some kind of strong feeling in me that I want to document.


I’ve just realized that it suffices often to simply capture the memory with the photo. Just seeing it brings back the memories and feelings for me. I suppose, I have to do whatever comes naturally to me. Plus I get to add a little pretty paper here and there to satisfy my crafty desires.


These are the pages that I have created from the photos I printed over the weekend – motivated by Big Picture Classes NSD10k initiative and posting on instagram. It’s a joy to be able to capture all the precious moments with my little boy.



However, listening to the latest Paperclipping Roundtable podcast, I will be making an effort to also scrapbook about the first boy in my life – my hubby!


Again, it won’t be easy as I often find it difficult to really write everything out. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say. Quite the opposite, it’s because my mind just races with too much information. I have Noell’s Romantic Scrapbooking course, so will have at it soon… especially since our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up. Wow. Time sure flies!

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