A little while ago I saw this video from Marie Forleo and the one thing that hit home to me was to never worry alone.

A wave of heat rushed through me… whoa.


How is it that I have not realized and practiced that before now? When left to my own devices, my mind just goes on a rollercoaster ride of doom and gloom.¬†These past weeks, months, year… has been really hard for me.

Learning to be a mom, trying to get things done and failing a whole lot, most of the time. Being disappointed, lost and just plain tired physically and mentally. It happens to all us at some point in our lives, but I let myself worry alone. I struggled alone.

Silly me. Even just opening up to my support network, helped to open up a new perspective. Whew.

It will all be okay. 

Are you struggling alone when you have so many people around you that care and would give you a shoulder to cry on? Cry on that shoulder, I say. You’ll feel better for sure.

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