not really bullet journaling

I’ve blogged about bullet journaling in the past – my first attempts, make your own and my setup and over time I’ve taken what works for me and carried it into using printables for my planning needs. I think of it as a hybrid, my bullet journaling alternative method of planning.

For me, it’s become only about planning for projects and tasks list. It’s not a hybrid book with all sorts of other journaling content. It’s mostly because I already journal a lot and I didn’t really need another book… and bullet journaling was never enough, because it’s pretty difficult to get mixed media art in that kind of practical journal.

So in this video, I share my process of planning for the new year and how I used printables. It’s flexible like the bullet journal, but I don’t have to redraw layouts if they work for me and I don’t need to change things. Plus perpetual calendar pages have always been my jam!

You can download all of the yearly planning printables you see in the video for free, here on my blog.

The perpetual calendar planner printables are also free downloads for subscribers of my newsletter.

I hope that by sharing my process, you’ll see that we all don’t have to jump on the bullet journal bandwagon. Maybe a hybrid approach works for you or maybe you need more journals and you just can’t be a one book girl. What’s truly important is what works practically for you, to get things done and help you feel on top of your goals!

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