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I believe that oftentimes we don’t celebrate enough. I don’t just mean big parties for certain milestone events though…I mean all the little things too. A little success here, a lovely family dinner together. Why not break out the wine? As a family, we often break out a nice bottle of wine or special beer and just make it an occasion. Sometimes we experiment and cook a special dish for a Sunday lunch…to have some fun and just celebrate a lovely time together.

Everyone gets really busy and we often feel pressured to throw those big parties for birthdays and big events. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. You can celebrate with a nice dessert one night or a little something different to make it a special day. We need to celebrate the life we live…all the time. I have had to learn over time that it’s okay to indulge.

For this page, I printed out an array of photos from our little experiments, parties and get togethers. From formal events to just family dinners and lunches…celebrate life! I even kept some of the petal confetti from a recent BBQ we had…my brother-in-law just decided to buy fireworks and confetti poppers. Now that’s the way to have fun 🙂

Are you celebrating life…enough?

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