If you would like to learn about the Notes to Myself project from the beginning, check out the introduction post here.

Here’s the latest progress for my ongoing minibook project – Notes to Myself. I’ve been spending some time just journaling my thoughts and getting those text pages ready. Many of them are simply general accounts of my thoughts and feelings. They help to illustrate how and why certain phrases have ended up as a pivotal “note.” Of course, this means that a specific photo might not necessarily relate. In the case of – Enjoy The Ride – I have chosen to include a graphic print I created instead of a photo. Can you tell that it is rain or shine, enjoy the ride? 🙂

There is actually much significance in the graphic print though. I had created it after my father-in-law passed away…that bike illustration is modeled after his racing bike now on display in our living room. It means a lot to me…to have created something to represent all that he taught me about the slow life and living well and happy…

You can see in the photo above how simple and uncomplicated it can be. Just imagery and journaling. I added the consistent strip of patterned paper to the journaling side and also added some doodling to the top as I felt it need a bit of visual weight. Otherwise, it’s pretty darn simple and I am still debating on what embellishments to add. In the meantime, I actually added a bit of white gel pen embellishment to the cover…see the dotted lines?

I often go back and add little details to previous pages or throughout the minibook…whatever feels right at the moment. It’s important to realize that everything is a work in progress and it’s okay to change things up, add more or leave as is…for now. I think the fun in creating…is not having too much of a plan and going with your fancy. I believe even in the simplest little things you add in…personalize your work. And ultimately that is the important part to show…it’s your unique work.

For example, I add doodling here and there and even in my journaling I do a mixed english Italian type of writing at times…it’s an honest authentic reflection of me. There’s no need to do things like xyz, these are your memories and your scrapbooks after all! So after getting this first entry put in, I wasn’t sure on how to move forward with decoration. So I decided not to force it. Instead, I just to the back cover of the book and added the final element.

It’s a studio photo of my parents in 1959, when they were in Vietnam and it’s there to remind me of the most important concept they could have instilled in me. To be happy. Seriously. There were soooo many struggles for them and our family growing up, but ultimately they always said that it was important that we are all happy and living well. What else do you want in life ultimately? So I thought it was the perfect ending to this minibook…even though I’ve barely started.

Perhaps my jumping around seems chaotic, but really it’s still quite planned. I decided on my minibook structure and journaling structure to begin with. Now I can keep adding in the pages as I complete them, with the consistent patterened and color paper cardstock to match throughout…as well as consistent journaling for each story and note. Pretty cool, huh?

Let me know what you think and if you are creating a minibook of notes for yourself! Would love to see. Until next time!

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