Here’s a happy purple blossoms design for your November 2019 printable calendar download.

November 2019 printable calendar - free download on

I have a fondness for all the purple hues, even though it might not be very “commercial” apparently… but that’s the great thing about digital papers. We can design and offer so many things and it’s all on demand. Just download and print what you love!

So this month I have this purple blossoms design for the November 2019 printable calendar. For your personal use only, I make calendars with a Monday-Sunday format and weekends shaded in grey.

Available in both LETTER and A4 sizes, just download your preferred paper size below.

For all my printables, I simply use regular printer paper with my home inkjet printer. Just be sure to select the best/highest quality setting and your colors will come out deeper and more brilliant.

Although these designs are for full page prints, you can always size them down, if you want to fit in an A5 planner or create a smaller desk calendar. Enjoy!

So are you a fan of digital printables and want more patterned paper designs?

Purple blossoms patterned paper design for my Patreon supporters only on

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