This past week has rushed by with so much information for my brain to absorb.  It’s like my mind just can’t handle it and overflows a bit.  I wanted to post to say I’m still here and actually got as far as finally opening up an Etsy shop – or perhaps I should say starting to open shop as I still have so many items to list.

However, we had a big internet outage here and I was completely offline and disconnected.  Talk about isolation and withdrawal from the internet, eek!  Turns out it didn’t matter in the end though because I got a high fever and stayed in bed practically the whole week…

Long story short, things are looking up now and internet is back.  Hopefully I can continue filling in my shop and continue with AEDM.  It really sucked that I couldn’t post daily as planned although I did try to do something daily anyway.  Will post more soon to share.

Whew…it’s weird when life sort of just takes it’s own unexpected twists and turns.

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