It seems only yesterday that I was pregnant and wondering how my life would be changed with a baby in the house. Then little Christopher came into our lives and I pretty much thought of nothing else. Flash forward and here we are in September 2013. Here in Europe, maternity leaves can be quite long compared to the USA, but yowsers, my boy is 6 months old already! I really need to get everything ship shape, this blog included.

It would have been nice to have figured it all out by now and to have a daily routine that works with being a mom and entrepreneur, but the biggest lesson that I’ve learned thus far in motherhood is that babies are unpredictable, days are never routine and you can only plan so much (if at all).

The boy is growing so fast and just when you think there’s a routine set in place, he grows up and changes everything all over again. Nap times have varied week to week and play time requires constant innovation to keep the boy interested. Now that I’m weening him off breastmilk, it’s a whole new challenge and hours more of work honestly! I’m not complaining though, because every minute spent with him is wonderful and amazing. Even when I’m frustrated, it’s worth it. No words can explain the bond between mother and child.

I have to say I feel amazingly lucky to be at home. Although the career side of things have been put on hold and slow going to make room for motherhood… it’s okay. It’s funny how I’ve known since my teenage years that I wanted to be a mom that was at home and present as much as possible. It just feels right for me – it’s what I have always wanted.

Now the challenge is to balance my role as a mom with my artistic ambitions. Time to create art and time to put it out there. To earn my way and contribute to the family, not only as mom the caretaker but also mom the provider. Yeah, maybe I want it all.

I’m very optimistic regarding all the possibilities. After all, many women have done it before me. It is certainly possible to be a full-time mom and still have personal ambitions, projects and success in the end!

But I know it’ll be a long, rocky road. It’ll test my patience and perseverance. I’m ready and willing. Even when there’s no time, I’ll wait patiently for when there is time. Like the tortoise says, slow and steady wins the race.

So I’ve been thinking about blogging and how I might have lost touch with what blogging really means to me. I used to blog very wholeheartedly in the beginning. However, putting yourself out there so much can be dangerous and there were some experiences that caused me to recoil a bit. Then I fell too much into the routine of blogging for business and lost something.

Now is my time to rekindle the fire of my original blogging passion and somehow find a happy medium in what I share with readers like you. Snippets into my life as an American expat in Italy? Experiences and learnings as a new mom? Art experimentations and shop creations? Doodles, tutorials, lessons? Is it too personal or not personal enough? I hope that you will stick around as this blog shakes up a bit. I also very much welcome your suggestions.

What have you enjoyed on this blog? What would you like to see more of? Thanks for being a tortagialla reader and supporter. I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to many more years of blogging fun…  🙂

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