Took my first outfit photo today and yes, it is the shabbiest, grainiest photo ever. I have limited lighting in my room and it’s obvious I need to shape up my photography skills… but instead of lamenting on and holding myself back in this project – I’ve decided to forge onward dammit.

In a spark of inspiration, I decided to just print my photos on regular white cardstock and practice handwriting with my Wacom tablet for the labels. Yes, it’s crazy messy (is it the tablet or just my handwriting?!) I figure daily practice will do me good. I’m trying to document what works as an outfit (or what doesn’t), so eventually I can throw things out and clear out my closet space. I’m always stuffing things here and there  – a very bad sign when it comes to organization. All this combines multiple projects initiatives into one – scrapbooking, closet organization, daily outfit and being less frumpy, photography, Wacom practice…hmm, what else can I through in? I’m really liking this idea of combining projects/goals/wants!

I would definitely appreciate any style advice, although I must also ask you to be a gentle to my frumpy self. I’ve never felt very confident in my clothes and although I love heels and buy them – I actually rarely wear them. Something I am working to remedy. Even though those boots (not very high) only lasted until 4pm today, I was already proud of myself for walking Vash in them in the morning in true Italian style. Yes, women can be decked out to go buy vegetables at the local market in Italy – it happens. However, I think I might let myself just wear tennis shoes for that morning walk, because the sidewalks and roads are frosted over in the early morning and I keep dreading an embarrassing tumble…

I suppose this little tidbit of my daily scrapbooking is like a lookbook of me. A bit self-centered… but why not?! I think we all have to choose what we scrap about and the 365 projects are all the rage. Not that I’m committing to daily documentation though… no pressure please. I don’t want to psyche myself out because ultimately a crazy busy day will come along when I might just skip… ahem.

Although this may be of no interest to anyone else, the documentation on this blog will help to keep me accountable. So please bear with me and if you’ve read this far, wow. Thanks for your attention and support. It’s been done before countless times by many bloggers, so I know the accountability part works. I would also appreciate your comments and advice, if you so choose to leave it. This is also part of my Project Life-esque scrapbooking and I will probably add a weekly snapshot of my album, not daily. My life is not that happening and interesting to update in that manner. And of course there is always the fear of lagging behind. But again, enough worrying and doubting. Just do and see what happens. It’s a new year after all.

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