Yet again, I think about how different I look in my mind versus actual photo taken… it’s bizarre. I seem to construct things in my head in cartoon fashion and everything is very childish, cute and simple. In real life, it doesn’t always translate, I realize. With a late start today, I decided to just throw on a dress of sorts. But the real happy element for the day are my new Jessica Swift rainboots – heck, they are cute!

It really only drizzled a bit in the morning, but I was excited to finally use my rainboots and romp around with my dog through the park. They are super comfortable and easy to clean. I had to spray them down after our walk because we get a bit muddy-ish every morning, which led me to think that they could be walking boots every morning regardless of rain or shine.

Of course, here in Italy people aren’t very colorful. I’m sure to stick out like a sore thumb, but no matter! I love my boots to bits. Happy boots! My sister-in-law loves them too and was looking over the designs, wondering if more color combinations would be manufactured!

I got them through a Kickstarter project that Jessica started and it feels pretty cool to be a part of something from the start. Also, she has been sharing the trials and tribulations of getting the product manufactured and trying to control quality as well as the entire process. It’s fun to see the boots go from design to manufacturing and then in real life.

Of course, there are some slight quality issues and changes that Jessica has already notified us about… which is really cool actually. It’s reality and working towards improvement! It’s funny how that kind of discourse between consumer and maker just makes the whole experience very pleasant and satisfying.

I can’t spout on enough about Jessica’s beautiful design work… and how lovely it is to be a part of funding her project. I guess today is all about the boots 🙂 I didn’t feel the need to grab any other accessories, although the cold weather might make me throw a scarf on. I would like to romp around the house with the boots as well, but that might be a bit much…crocs for the day?!

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