I’m realizing that all these outfit posts might be a bit annoying. Although it’s part of my scrapbooking process, I’ve only been showing the digital part so far on a daily basis. I think moving forward, I’ll just do an update each week on how I’m incorporating these images into my scrapbook (i’m interested to know myself, LOL)

I totally forced myself not to retake photos, not to get obsessed and to just document. I’m realizing it’s certainly not impossible to do those 365 type of projects, but it does take effort… some days it does feel like too much. I think Sundays…I’m just lazy. Hence my jeans and sweatshirt with tennies look…

I should probably elaborate on my wonder woman sweatshirt though… pretty cool, eh? My name is Linda and I was named after Linda Carter. Why? Because she played wonder woman on TV. My brothers must have had a thing for her, or thought it was a cool way to name their sister, the only one born in the USA. And that is the origin of my name.

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