This past weekend, I printed out an update of all the outfit-a-day photos I took of myself…2 weeks on one sheet of paper. It was nice to see it all together and the smaller size means that I don’t have to flinch too much – sometimes it’s just weird looking at yourself so much…

I definitely have favorites and not so favorite looks. Days when I really didn’t want to get out of my pajamas, but forced myself to do it anyway. There are days where I’m entirely frumpy, but there are good days too. I definitely like being more dressed up, but certainly comfort is a huge factor in my likes and dislikes.

I asked my husband for his take on the various looks and he definitely preferred the dresses… hehe…

I’m no longer sure how this effort will result in organizing my closet. I only know that I have lots of laundry to do as I’m attempting not to repeat outfits, to really go through my wardrobe. Eek. Scary. In other scrapbooking efforts, I’ve tried again to formulate a photo collage template. I’m okay with the few pages I printed this weekend, but not totally satisfied.

Now I’m wondering why I just don’t print 4×6 photos, stick them in an album and write those little captions? Hehe… sigh. It’s like a pendulum of preference and emotions these days in my scrapbooking life.

Perhaps I’m going through a mid-scrapbook life crisis? LOL. However, I AM looking forward to February, as I signed up for a few classes that should be fun. Hopefully it’ll get me going…and back into a nice groove.

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