Composition Notebook Printable Checklist Planner Divider

Download and print this composition notebook printable for your planner or use as a cute decoration for scrapbooking and journaling.

Free composition notebook printable

If you are a mom like me, no doubt the start of the school year has been a challenge. I can only imagine how the kids feel! It seems every day there is some new measure or process, some new material needed and more to add to my to do list.

So I decided to use a cute illustration of a composition notebook as a list maker for planning purposes. If we have to get things done, using pretty supplies and cute artwork really helps!

You can download and print this illustration as a checklist for your planner, using it as a divider or a running bookmark. I actually cut out the illustration separately as well to create a cute little decoration and divider for my mini a6 disc planner.

Photo of my composition notebook printable made into planner decoration for disc planner.

It’s up to you how you would like to use this printable – the beauty of digital downloads is that you can make multiple copies and get a bit DIY with your craft supplies and create something cute and useful.

Download the free composition notebook printable below

Preview of composition notebook printable PDF download

Download Composition Notebook Checklist Planner Divider PDF


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Positive Affirmation Printables – Free Downloads

Looking for positive affirmation printables to put on your wall, planner or journal? Check out these free inspiring and uplifting downloads.

I am brave, progress not perfection, i am responsible, i believe in myself, i am loved, i choose to be happy and many more positive affirmation printables to download for free.

Why Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements such as “I am capable” and you have probably heard the term tossed around before. Affirmations can be very helpful in changing your life when you repeat them out loud and consistently. These statements can actually help you overcome negative thoughts, deal with stress and motivate you to change your life.

And yes, there is science behind it and that is why you will hear people praising the power of positive affirmations. If you are new to the idea, it can feel awkward talking to yourself out loud and it’s completely normal to be skeptical. But as with all things in life, you have to try it out with consistency before you can make a judgement for yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about positive affirmations check out this article on Positive Psychology that goes into more detail.

Designing for Positivity

If you’ve been here before, you know that I have designed a whole coloring book around the idea of positive thoughts and affirmations. But even when you are convinced or know better, it’s often the “take action” part that is difficult for most people to follow through with – myself included.

For example, we all know that we have eat healthy and exercise to stay well. However, the issue is creating a life and routine that helps you take those “good for you” actions. They say that knowing is half the battle, but it IS just half the battle unfortunately!

Printable Affirmations Around You

When it comes to positive affirmations, I have found that displaying positive statements into my planner, onto my desk and around my house really helps to put them into action. Along with my everyday life, when I see them I can say them out loud. This also means I can change up what I display over time. It’s easy to take a few minutes to say them out loud, when you see it right in front of your face regularly.

Don’t hesitate to put up an affirmation on your bathroom or beauty mirror. How about adding one as a wallpaper on your phone? What about making one into a planner dashboard or cover? It’s an easy way to piggy-back off an existing routine and add positive affirmations into your existing space.

I decided to start a design series of positive affirmation printables that I could add to my everyday life routine. Normally, I love bright colors and cute fonts, but in this case I wanted to create something much more bold and powerful.

I think of the design style as classic and straightforward that would work for most everyone. A bold black background with a white classic serif font says “strength” to me and I think that works for establishing a foundational affirmation day to day. Of course, the typeface still has a bit of flair! I hope you enjoy the beauty of simplicity in these designed positive affirmation statements.

Download Positive Affirmation Printables

Below are the affirmations that I have created so far and you can bookmark this page for future reference as I will add more over time. It’s definitely a mix of positive affirmations that are “I am” focused as well as other positive printables and uplifting phrases for strength, love and empathy.

You are free to download the PDFs for your personal use – the printable PDF design does not include my social media handle, just plain black with white text.

good things are coming

Download Good Things Are Coming PDF

i release negative feelings

Download I Release Negative Feelings PDF

i am kind

Download I Am Kind PDF

i am brave

Download I Am Brave PDF

i am loved

Download I Am Loved PDF

i believe in myself

Download I Believe In Myself PDF

i am responsible

Download I Am Responsible PDF

i choose to be happy

Download I Choose To Be Happy PDF

progress not perfection

Download Progress Not Perfection PDF

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Check out these free printable downloads - I am responsible, I am loved, I am kind, I am brave and many more.

Free Downloads - Looking for positive affirmation printables to put on your wall, planner or journal? Check out these free inspiring and uplifting downloads.

2020 Free Printable Cover for Binder Planners

Start the new decade with this chic 2020 free printable cover for binder planners. Just download the PDF and print right at home!

Free Printable - 2020 new year new goals printable pdf download preview.

What’s a cover or dashboard?

When you first open up your planner, bullet journal or home binder, it’s nice to see an encouraging quote or beautiful design. A pretty design can really get your excited and pumped up for planning and productivity. For the upcoming year, I wanted to design a series of printables in black and white, so that anyone can easily print at home. This design is definitely sleek and chic and can be used as-is or dressed up for those who want more personalization.

The beauty of planner dashboards is that they can be anything you need them to be. From a purely decorative page to something that holds more meaning or important information. I like to write down my main goals on the back side of this dashboard design, so I always have my ultimate goals and milestones to review on a regular basis.

This design also makes a great divider for a section of your planner all about high-level goals or specific project oriented tasks. From inspirational to functional, printable covers are super versatile for anyone who loves to keep organized and plan their way to success. This 2020 printable cover for binder planners can be used in a variety of ways… what makes sense for you and your planner?

Embellishment Tips

I love the streamlined minimalist look of this design, but you can definitely use this printable as a starting point for your own customizations. I strongly believe that our productivity tools can be useful and pretty at the same time!

  • Add washi tape, patterned paper, stickers or tags to spice up the look of this full page printable
  • Trim out the text of this printable and attached them onto another colored cardstock
  • Use glitter, sewing, paint or other art media to add color to this design

Truly the only limit is your own creativity, so consider what fits with the aesthetic of your binder or planner and create something unique for yourself.

Get your free printable download below…

2020 new year new goals printable

2020 new year new goals PDF

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How to Use Printables

You might be wondering how to use printables, given the prevalence of digital downloads these days. And even if it’s seems self-explanatory that you have to physically print out those files to use them, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Whether it’s a poster for your home, greeting cards or scrapbook paper – there are a wide variety of designs you can purchase or download for free.

I sell printable wall art in my Etsy shop and post free printables here on my blog, so I’m completely comfortable with the term printables. But I got to talking to my real-life community and it turns out there are loads of people who have no idea what you are talking!

First, what are printables?

When we talk about printables or digital downloads, what we mean are digital files that are meant to be printed for use. That may be a poster design, a menu plan worksheet, a greeting card, stationery paper designs, DIY paper crafts and much much more.

The idea is that digital files are a lot easier and faster to share over the internet. And since you print it yourself there are a lot of customization options. And as a digital file, you can print as many copies as you want, so great for things you want to duplicate.

So the basic low-down is that a printable is some digital file that you can print!

Printing tips!

So once you actually download a printable onto your computer, then you probably need to print it for use. This is where a lot of people get hung up, because they don’t want to go through the trouble of sizing, paper jams and all kinds of technical issues.

But I think the little effort is totally worth it for the benefits. And the more you use printables, the better you will be at printing for your own purposes.

If you have a printer at home or in your office, that means you can print printables! Literally it can be as easy as clicking print…

Check your preview!

However, before you get click happy and press the print button, you should always always always check your print preview and make sure it looks as expected. Sometimes someone has changed the print settings or the printable is larger than your paper size… and if you click print before seeing the preview, you might just be wasting paper.

No worries, you can, of course, just print another copy!

Choose your paper type:

Perhaps the first thing to do before printing is to think about what kind of paper you want to use. For many purposes, using the plain old computer paper is just fine. Sometimes you just want a pretty reminder to tack up on your cubicle wall.

However, you can also use cardstock paper that is thicker in weight and will hold up better. Or you can use photo paper for photo-heavy imagery or you want that glossy paper sheen.

Your print quality will actually have a lot to do with the paper you use. And although we can’t all buy museum-quality cotton rag paper to print on… it’s good to keep in mind in case there is ever an occasion to splurge!

Choose your paper size:

Once you have your paper loaded into your printer, then when you click to print, check all the settings before clicking print. First thing that is obvious but a big waster of paper is to set your paper size.

In America you probably have things set to LETTER sized paper by default. But if you are abroad, your printer might be set to A4 paper size, but your printer might have been designed for LETTER sized paper.

So just make sure to check the paper size and check the preview. Even if the design was not made for your preferred paper size, you can usually select a percentage or different scale in your printer settings.

Often you will see “Fit to page” and that will simply make the design fit to whatever paper size you have chosen.

Check your printer settings:

Next is to check all the other printer settings available. This will be different for every single printer, because they all have their own software and menu and options. Suffice to say, glance through and just make sure everything is as expected.

The more professional your printer is, the more options it will have. But the important thing is if you are using photo paper or some other special type of paper, there will usually be a dropdown to select that paper type.

There will usually also be a dropdown or tab to set the quality of the print. So if you are printing artwork or something to display, you should always set best quality. Whereas if you just want a worksheet for quick notes… you might select “Fast” or “Draft” which uses less ink.

Click print!

Finally, once you have explored all the menu options and everything looks good, then click print. Of course, sometimes you might miss something, even with your diligence. But the great thing about printables, is that you can try again and make another copy… so you get exactly what you want!

Professional printing

For those who don’t have a home printer or want something better quality or bigger… you can definitely consider sending your digital file to a professional print shop. There are local copy stores you can visit and many online options as well. It can be the same process as printing photos or you can find many online shops that print posters and other related material as well. Maybe you want a giant banner for a party?

In America, most office supply stores offering printing services, so you can check their pricing and take in your digital file with a USB key, or send it to them online for printing and pick-up.

There are also many online printing vendors where you can upload your digital file to get printed and they ship you the final print.

Have fun with it!

There are so many uses for digital printables that I’m certain it’s the future for our society. Imagine when 3D printers will exist in every home? Then it’s just a matter of buying a design and printing it yourself at home – how great would that be?!

So digital printables are just the beginning to that sci-fi future! The most important thing is to have fun with it and make it useful for your life.

There are planner printables to help you with project and time management. There are home/life binders and menu planners to help with your house life.

There are sticker designs, collage sheets and paper printables for your art journaling and scrapbooking projects.

There are paper models, kids crafts and coloring pages so you can entertain your kids with printables, too!

And of course, my favorite are posters and wall art which I sell in my Etsy shop. I love being able to share my design with someone and have them display it in their home. It gives me great satisfaction to know my work is helping them make their space more beautiful!

I also post printable papers for my Patreon supporters, which feeds my art journaling and scrapbooking hobby. I love to design repeat patterns, so they make perfect paper printables to use in paper crafting projects.

I hope you are feeling more comfortable in using digital printables and looking forward to exploring this wonderful world of art and design.

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Printable Planner Pages Free Download

Grab these printable planner pages free instant downloads and create your own personal planner system because it’s never too late to get organized!

Grab these printable planner pages free instant downloads and create your own personal planner system because it's never too late to get organized! Download on

I know we all have personal preferences when it comes to our very own planners. I’m certainly always searching for planner peace myself! One thing I’ve learned from trying different planners, systems and printables – is that you just have to actually USE whatever planner you choose. It doesn’t matter if it’s a printed hardbound planner, your own bullet journal or various printable sheets.

Sounds obvious, but the best planner is whatever planner you actually use!

Of course, we all have personal preferences, so that’s why there are so many options out there. You never know what might drive you to love your planner or perhaps to hate and abandon it instead. I think it’s important to try different things to see what really suits your life. It’s also important to note that our lifestyles change over time, so it’s not uncommon to have to tweak or change your system altogether.

Since I work primarily at my desk, I actually don’t need a bound planner to carry around. I find it more freeing to use loose sheets of paper. I think it’s because planning for me is about getting all the things out of my head and on paper. However, I rarely look back on weeks that have already passed. I’m totally done with them!

So I switched to printable planner pages that give me the ultimate flexibility without breaking the bank!

I’m able to try a variety of layouts and planning systems, creating my own printables… instead of spending on fancy planners that I might abandon after just a month of use. We all know how costly planners are these days, right? They are so trendy and the cost has just been going up and up. Granted, many are guidebooks with lots of other sections and advice, not just empty calendar pages.

However, for me personally, I’ve found that simplicity is the best.

I’ve created a straightforward monthly list page for important dates and a weekly planner sheet with a Monday start. There’s just enough room for a couple daily tasks or appointments on each day, plus a spot for dinner plans. Then there’s two lined lists at the bottom for this week to do’s and next week to do’s. That’s it!

I find it to be a time saver to not have to draw out my layouts week to week and because I get my creative fix of art and journaling in other places, I truly use these planner sheets for planning and that’s it. I certainly want something nice and neat to look at, but I don’t keep these pages for the rest of my life. I rarely look back at old pages honestly!

For now, I’ve settled upon these two planner pages that I use regularly. I wanted to share these printable planner pages as a free download, in hopes they might help you along your planner journey. I also made a video of how easy it is to setup for a new month.

Grab the free printable planner downloads below and feel free to share with others, linking back to this post. The PDF downloads are designed for LETTER page size, but you can easily print on A4 paper, which is what I do here in Europe.

Printable Planner Pages Free Downloads

Download Monthly Planner Page LETTER PDF
Download Weekly Planner Page LETTER PDF

I wish you an awesome week and happy, productive planning! If you enjoy printable downloads, sign-up for my email newsletter!