Free Printable Art Collage – Some inspiration and sneak peeks…

free printable art collage sheet

Happy Monday to everyone! Here in Italy we actually have a holiday on June 2nd, Festival of the Republic. My husband and I will be on a little getaway, thus I will be taking a break from blogging this whole week. In the meantime, let me leave with a bit of inspiration and sneak peeks to keep your creative minds buzzing. First, I would like to share some of my mixed media artwork as printable collage tiles. You can incorporate them into your art, journaling and crafts…

Download Fortuna Collage Tiles PDF

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I’ve posted about these mixed media works before and I actually played around with them digitally… but in the end went straight on with black marker. I’ve had them sitting around for a while and finally scanned them in to print as papers. I’m hoping they will provide inspiration for your own creative endeavors. Let me know if you find creative uses for them! I also wanted to share some views of ongoing projects…

Finally, I just wanted to let Mr. Little Turtle say hello to you all. Hope you have enjoyed the photos with a peek of what’s crowding my desk now. When I get back, I’ll be sure to share the details and hopefully a little tutorial of my process. Until next time…ciao ciao!

Heart Garland Printable Papers

Heart Garland Printables

Just in time for the Valentine holiday, I created these heart garland paper designs so you can print-your-own paper and create something cute for your loved ones. From valentine cards to minibooks, travelers notebooks, wrapping gifts or home decor – the limit is only in your imagination.

What will you create with these heart garland printable paper designs? I’ve included 3 colors for this 12×12′ paper design. Traditional red tone as well as a blue tone for the boys in your life and a yellow happy color tone as well. Mix and match to create something cute and fun. You can click the images to each full color, high-resolution JPG image below and download for your personal use. Enjoy!

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Heart Garland Printable Papers

Pretty Paper Printable – Hanging Hearts

Looking for a pretty paper printable? Check out this free hanging hearts digital paper design for scrapbooking, deco and more!

Looking for a pretty paper printable? Check out this free hanging hearts patterned paper design. Use it to decorate your planner, scrapbook and more!

I’m definitely a sucker for hearts and there was a period of time when I created daily heart designs as part of my creative practice. It was a way to flex my creative muscles regularly and I have so many heart related designs to share.

This hanging hearts design makes me think of home decor and country living. The soft colors and lovely look of it all, definitely pretty, huh?

I love all the different patterns within the heart shapes and the color palette is definitely shabby chic feminine. What will you use this patterned paper download for?

Just download the printable 12×12 paper PDF below and use for your personal projects.

Download Hanging-Hearts-Paper PDF

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Free Printable Hearts B/W Paper Variations

Looking for some cute and simple free printable hearts? Check out this set of 10 printable patterned papers in black and white with various heart patterns.

Download these free printable heart papers for a variety of papercrafting projects - FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Beauty of Simple Design

Sometimes the simplest designs can be the most difficult to find out there. That’s why I created these super simple heart paper patterns. They are black and white and super easy to print out for a variety of crafty projects.

I’ve just been craving more minimalism and simplicity these days. So these heart paper designs come from an effort to strip down. I often have the feeling of wanting to add more – somehow thinking it will automatically make things better. Just throw more at it, right?

But it’s almost like a curse! More is not always better, maybe it’s even worse, causing a lot of confusion. So I’m trying to get used to idea of less is more.

Download FREE Printable Heart Designs

These free printable hearts are minimal pattern designs with over ten different variations to choose from. You can use them plainly in black and white or color them up yourself.

Preview of heart paper printables - free download on - 10 different heart paper variations to choose from.

Click the link above to download the whole set of heart papers. Then you can print at home whichever design you prefer. I really love sharing patterned papers, because I feel that they are the most versatile. You can use these heart papers in your scrapbooking, travelers notebooks, journaling or planner decoration. They make a perfect background for all sorts of projects.

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Free printable hearts black and white paper variations - free download of simple repeating heart patterned papers.

Love Clip Art + Free Printable Love is Love Art Print

Need some love clip art? There are loads of free graphics that you can legally use to create something like my love is love free art printable below!

From love clip art to love is love art printable - Free Download on

Using Love Clip Art to Make Art Prints

When it comes to crafting, we are always on the lookout for cute graphics and illustrations to use. The great thing is that there’s actually a huge variety of free and paid graphics that you can use on personal and even commercial projects.

Disclosure: This blog post may contain some affiliate links for products or services I recommend. This means if you make a purchase from one of these links, we might make a small commission at no additional cost to you, which helps this blog to keep running! Thanks!

Some the websites I like to use include:

Designing a Love is Love Art Print

Recently, I saw this FREEBIE on and I decided to use it to create a free printable for the blog. It’s just so pretty and beautiful as a background!

I used the pink version as a background for an art printable and drew a heart lace design and text under it saying love is love. Just perfect for any love-filled occasion.

You can use the art printable for a card or print it large as wall decor. Enjoy!

From Love Clip Art to Free Art Printable

Love is Love art print using love clip art from hungry jpeg - free download on

Download Love is Love Art Print ZIP

Happy papercrafting! You can find me on Instagram as @tortagialla  and my Facebook art page is here.

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