Happy Thursday to everyone!  Today I started painting over my little collage muse paintings from a while back.  I sort of messed them up when I tried to glaze over unprotected paper.  Things started getting smeared and yucky guey.  Sigh… although I’m glad that I can paint over something I don’t like.  Build on layers, paint over it…like start over but with some experience already packed in.  It’s all good, right? I saved the little hand embroidery heart portions…we’ll see what happens from here.


You can also see some of my Spoonflower printed fabric swatches above as I’m still trying to figure out colors and just ordered a color palette swatch to help out.  I realized after ordering that I probably need to order color swatches on all fabric types.  Don’t think I can invest in that right now, but we’ll see. Until next time…

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