I’m passionate about art and the creative process. The power, magic, and delight in creation. Practicing playtime and imagination… it informs the other areas of how we live our lives.

I think that my purpose is to share my passion with others and spread positivity and creativity. Like a warm light that perks up everything it touches. Smile, giggle, laugh…

I think about the pursuit of happiness and the importance of self-care. I wonder about connections, relationships, and how they form the fabric of our experiences.

When I think of positivity, I see smiles, warmth, and light. I see the good things in life, very much like a happy sunny day within the lush green of nature.

I really like the terms, quiet strength and quiet confidence. Change does not have to be a scary destructive process. Gandhi said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

I don’t like drastic¬†upheavals. I want peace and tranquility. Love. Being polite, but still fair and solid. Hard and soft.

These are the ideas that come to mind when I think of my passion and purpose.¬†It’s ever-evolving, but really helps me see more clearly by simply proclaiming it, writing it down. Spending moments to consider my core values. Or at least, what I think they are.

Have you stopped to think about your passion and purpose? How do they intersect?

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