After starting my new effort to practice surface pattern design, I suddenly came across other bloggers who are participating in 365 pattern design challenges. Wow!

I think it’s super inspiring when people from all over the world get together in a collective effort. There’s something about doing things together in a group that helps us all push through. Although I can’t commit to daily patterns – expecting the baby mid-Feb! – I will be posting my designs as much as possible. I realize that the only way to learn is to practice more and the only way to get my work out there is to post it. Would love for you to follow the RSS feed of this blog if you want to come along for the ride.

Otherwise, check out Fifth & Hazel’s pattern-a-day posts that Alma Loveland is also participating in, as well as Stephanie Fizer who is posting her daily pattern designs. All folks who I admire and look up to! If you are doing such a challenge, please post your link in the comments as I would love to follow 🙂 Happy designing!

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