It is funny how sometimes the universe manages to allow convergences of similar things.  Sometimes I wonder if I try to be more observant, perhaps I would notice how everything really does fit together ALL the time.  Perhaps coincidences are more common than we realize?  I just bought a new mug with a cool pear design on it, totally by chance.  Most of the glasses in our house are glass or delicate fancy tea cups, so this mug was just the right addition to accommodate my morning tea or coffee time.  Less chance of breakage by clumsy me and it was the last one on the shelf at the store, so I had to take it.  Cute, eh?


It turns out that the inspiration this week on the Inspire Me Thursday website happens to be the word pear!  Not to mention our family has been munching away on a basket of tiny pears – even our turtles ate some of them.  Then I was browsing on iTunes and instead of reading “Pearl Jam” I only saw the word pear and stopped.  So I guess this Thursday is a celebration for all the pear coincidences and appearances around me lately.  I decided to create a little kawaii pear design pattern.  I actually created this yesterday (Thursday, Italian time) but had to wait until the next morning when I could get a picture of my mug in use above!


I love adding faces on things at the moment.  Just adding that bit of emotion and expression makes me happy to see the pattern.  I like how cute and ready to eat they turned out, maybe I should add some horror-filled faces!  I’m thinking of doing more with this pattern and creating some paper goods as well…any ideas or requests?  BTW, have a fabulous Friday and lovely weekend!  Woohoo!

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