Got a chance to do some digital coloring, using my sporty birdie sketch. I like how the digital coloring turned out… seems sort of natural and soft to me. I like it… but then again I’m not sure if it’s “done.” I’ve been held up in my birdie series project because I can’t seem to settle on what medium to use. Silly, huh?


I don’t know why, but I wanted to use acrylic paint first… but never got around to it since these days I don’t have much time for a messier medium. Then I wondered if watercolor would create a cuter softer look. I tried it out, but ended up using the brightest colors possible… so that’s not exactly soft, is it?


Hmm… I suppose it’s all been done before, so should I just go for it regardless or keep trying to search for something new? Why can’t I just move forward and do it, right?


Oh, little birdie, will you ever be finished?! Do you often get held back by your own doubts and worries? How do you break through?

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