Recently I made myself a new journal, simple longstitch binding and opted for a larger size – A4 full page – which is more challenging for me to “fill up.” I used mixed media paper from Canson, so hopefully that will allow me to play with whatever medium I choose, day to day.


I’ve been trying to do something every single day, but it’s definitely challenging with a newborn in the house. There are days when I feel spent and without any motivation whatsoever. Then there are other days when I have a lot of ideas, but just physically don’t want to move – seriously!


Now I understand the zombie state that many parents probably feel like they are in… it’s pretty insane that our bodies can keep going despite the fatigue and lack of sleep. These days the little one is staying awake more – thus more fussy – and it’s taking longer to get him to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night for feeding. I’ve still got nothing to complain about compared to so many stories out there. I try to console myself into thinking that my arms are going to be super buff just carrying the little guy around!


So it’s a bit random in my new sketchbook. I’ve been trying to add some paint and color, rather than defaulting to plain black and white doodles all the time. It’s a bit messier than I would prefer, so not sure how long I can stick with this. I’m still exploring and experimenting here and there, so there’s nothing very directed in my creative mind these days.


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