If you are on Instagram I wanted to invite you to follow me there as I’m posting peeks into my sketchbook much more frequently there. It’s actually a nice way to motivate myself… so I can be sure to make time for creativity. With the baby, there are days where I seriously forget about everything else! It’s fun to share and I use the interaction as an accountability as well – a little jedi mind trick to keep moving forward and creating, so I have something to share!


Also, you’ll get snapshots into my italian life as I enjoy sharing a bit of the Tuscan lifestyle from the point-of-view of an American valley girl. Life abroad is  an exciting adventure and I end up learning a whole lot about myself along the way. You start to examine your own culture and way of living when you can compare it to something different!

Of course, I realize not everyone jumps onto the latest social media bandwagon, so my posts are also on the LindaTieuArtist Facebook page, my tortagialla Twitter account and Flickr. Really would love your comments and feedback – I’m all ears! Thank you in advance and happy monday, y’all! I had an early start today and feeling good…

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