Hi everyone! I’ve got the next issue of Pensieri completed and in the mail to subscribers…whew! It’s been a bit challenging to keep the vision of what I want under 100 grams when packed up for shipping. I no longer like these huge jumps in postage pricing…because it jumps from 4 euro up to 100 grams to 7 euro even if a gram more. After a lot of printing, testing, folding and weighing…I hope to have found a happy medium. ┬áIssue 5 is all about Chinese brush painting and my explorations in loosening up creativity. I thought it would be a great subject to explore and I’ve learned so much. Oddly enough though, I realized that you need to learn control before loosening up. Imagine that!

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing my thoughts and discovering, through my journey of exploring the ancient art of brush painting. I really do hope you’ll support me by purchasing a copy from my Etsy shop. There’s a really limited quantity given that I hand-stitch and compose every zine. It’s still got the envelope cover with a back pocket surprise – thankfully I was able to make that under the weight restrictions. Yay! Even if you don’t buy a copy, I want to share a few thoughts of what I’ve learned. Ultimately, it is the philosophy and way of thinking behind brush painting that really hit me. Learning control and techniques is all good, but in the end you have to bring forth your own energy and interpretation. A fine balance between controlled work and going with the flow of spontaneity as it happens. I think it’s a refreshing way to think about creative work in general…but also for life.

On the lighter side of things, I also simply enjoy the meditative process of doodling with paint, creating puffy little cute animals. Isn’t that little panda just adorable – LOL!

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