Free perpetual monthly calendar printable - cut out any month for checklists, tracking and planner/journal inserts

I might be the only geeky person that thinks this is the coolest thing in the world, but recently I saw a perpetual calendar that is basically a bunch of numbers and you slide a frame over the appropriate set of numbers that represent the current month.

OMG! I think it’s totally cool and had the idea to create my own printable of those numbers, because it means I can print out a bunch of copies and cut out the appropriate part that applies to the current month. It saves a load of time and I can have them ready with my crafting and journaling supplies.

You can have a Sunday start or Monday start – or even a Tuesday start if you are weird like that! The point is that the numbers are ordered and you will get a perfect calendar month each and every time. It’s really great for creating mini calendars to stick in your planner. I personally use them for different daily checklists. Like tracking my vitamin intake, no-spend challenges and similar checklists. Whatever you need, it’s a great way to check things off on a mini-calendar. You can easily washi tape it to the wall, fridge or personal notebook.

I don’t know about you, but even though I live crafting, I can live without messing with inks to stamp a perpetual calendar or even writing out all the numbers every time… which especially sucks if you make a mistake!

You can download the PDF of multiple calendars on a full page to print easily or download the single JPG image and size as you need.

perpetual monthly calendar printable PDF

Download perpetual monthly calendar printable PDF

Download perpetual monthly calendar JPG image

I hope this quick and simple printable will help you stay more organized and keep track of your goals, month to month. Let me know what you think!

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