First, let me apologize if you are sick of hearing about Project Life. It’s just everywhere these days and I can’t help but make comparison when it comes to my own scrapbooking… mostly because I’m searching for a system and routine. Scrapbookers like Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske are sharing their albums online, giving Project Life a lot of credibility and momentum…and I’ve been a fan for some time. For programmers out there, you can think of it like a modular framework.

But of course, I don’t actually have the Project Life system myself. I thought I could emulate it with the materials I already own. However, I’ve been spending a whole lot of time and truthfully, struggling with the process of sewing page protectors designing my own cards, printing, trimming, putting it all back together. I wasn’t exactly saving time. I soon realized that printing photos to cut them apart then putting them back into pockets…was totally redundant.

We do many things for the sake of design, aesthetics and preference… but I started to wonder what the heck I was really going for in scrapbooking. Yet again, I found it uncomfortable…trying to fit my life into someone else’s “way” of scrapbooking.

If I want to put in photos, write a note and include ephemera – all in a quick and easy way, isn’t that just plain ol’ traditional scrapbooking? You know, the traditional albums you often see in movies with photos in a book, along with captions. The Project Life system defines certain areas for titling, photos, journaling… has a dated organization, etc… it looks prettier and more modern… but it’s not rocket science after all.

I had to wipe my mind clean and start over. What is scrapbooking to me? What do I like and want to preserve? Do I even care about page protectors? I had to stop focusing on details, like needing pocket pages. Why can’t I put my ephemera and photos on a piece of cardstock and add that into my album? No pockets needed. Why not take it a step further and just create digital collages, since I have to print my photos anyway. So it’s digital scrapbooking right?

All that got me thinking about the amount of time it takes to fill in your pockets and pages. Is it any less time than someone using templates in digital scrapbooking? Is it any less time that those who scrapbooks traditional page layouts pretty darn fast anyway? I suppose it’s not about the time. It’s about the preference. What do I want?

I guess that is the question. I’ve been typing out this post, trying to organize my own thoughts…over and over again. Wondering if I make any sense or not. Hmm. I just need to do, right? All this to say, I couldn’t concentrate on scrapbooking… so I decided to redesign this blog. It’s been in the works… why not now?!

So please excuse the dust, as I jigger things around. Until next time…

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