plan with me notebook with free printables

Check out my plan with me notebook, a weekly spread using free printables. I’m trying to simplify and go back to the basics with my weekly layout this month.

I realize that often, it’s easy for me to fall off the bandwagon of planning, because life gets busy and I want to skip over parts. When planning gets too complicated, then it’s not really serving the purpose anymore.

I’m someone who falls in the middle of being super practical and minimal in my planner versus full-blown creative layouts and many many layouts. I want planning to work for me, yet still be a bit cute and pretty to look at. That way I’m more inclined to use my planner!

Let me share my current month plan with me notebook, a super easy planner setup and free printables that you can use as well. Enjoy!

Free Printable Pink Coffee Planner A4
Free Printable Pink Coffee Planner LETTER

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