If you have heard of Project Life (PL), I’m sure you’ve noticed how popular the pocket scrapbooking style has become these days. I think many of us have used pockets at some point or another in our albums… but PL takes it to another level. I’ve already mentioned before how much I like the philosophy even though I don’t scrap with the PL system myself.


I’ve incorporated pocketed pages into my albums simply because I’ve had certain pocket protectors available to me. With the popularity of PL however, I’m learning new and fun ways to scrap in the pocketed style.

Pocket pages are  great for ephemera

We scrapbookers like to keep little bits and pieces of our everyday lives and pockets are perfect for including those ephemera items into our albums. It’s quick and easy and the whole collage look is something I personally like as well.

Pocket pages are great for separate little stories

Especially when it comes to everyday life scrapbooking, there are many little stories to take note of that might be too small for a full layout. Many scrappers agree that PL lets them scrap the stories that would often be passed up, because there are only so many full-sizes layouts you can complete!

Pocket pages also keeps your scrapbooking manageable

I’m referring to keeping your albums to a manageable size, because you can capture a lot into one album with pocketed pages. I always wonder if even I had time to scrap all my stories, how would I manage a ginormous library of albums?! It might just be too overwhelming. Pocketed pages let’s us optimize I guess. In a way, perhaps we are truly scrapbooking more in the end, because of the opportunity to record both big and small stories.

Ultimately, that’s why I like the mix of full fledged layouts along with pocketed pages. I do both… sort of like how I like paper and digital. I want the best of both worlds!

What about you? Do you scrap with pocketed pages, too?

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