I’ve seen little pockets of confetti, glitter and bits of embellishments used on scrapbooking pages and totally love the look. I had to try it for myself when the opportunity came along. A friend of mine sent me some polymer clay logs that you are supposed to slice and use on your nails. They come in lots of different designs, super tiny cute bits. I decided to use them as scrapbooking embellishments along with some other bits of glittery goodness I had lying around.


In project life style, I put all the little bits into a pocket and sewed it up. How cute is that? It just ┬ámade me think of a pocket of happiness! I suppose I’m easily pleased these days… it really does just make me smile.


I journaled a bit about the little bits and love having this see-thru pocket in my scrapbook album. Have you tried this little trend of embellishments either in vellum or clear plastic pockets? Just so cute!

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