Need some journaling cards for your digital and/or paper projects? Lately, I’ve really been obsessed with journaling cards of all kinds. So I’ve been drooling over various products out there and creating some of my own as well. I’m not sure if the idea came from Becky Higgins Project Life, but it sure gained a lot of momentum from her products, I think. Cathy Zielske and Paislee Press has posts about printing them and many other designs who have digital journaling cards as a product.

I like to have a whole bunch on hand, so that I can jot down my thoughts in the moment – or at least as close to the moment as possible. I don’t want to lose my immediate thoughts on a memory or event. It’s so much more vivid and true when I can write down my thoughts immediately, rather than reflecting on it. Having that journaling card also spurs me to go ahead and get it scrapped as well. Win-win situation I think.

So I dug up some of my own paper designs and created a few journal cards. Feel free to download for your personal use below.

Download Journal Cards Freebie ZIP

They can certainly work for those that use the Project Life system, but a journal card can also go on any layout (digital or paper). One thing I’ve realized is that variety is the spice of life for me… I want to have lots available, so I can grab the one that fits the mood. Then everything seems to flow after that. Hope you enjoy!

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