Looking for pretty printable art free downloads that make great home decor? I’m happy my latest guest post on Kenarry.com with free downloads!

Printable art free download for Kenarry.com subscribers in my guest post - Heart Confetti Designs by tortagialla.com

Sometimes we need to decorate a whole wall in our homes and it would be great to use a set of printable art pieces that go together. Lucky for us, printable art freebies are a great resource!

Printables are easy to access, plentiful online and very affordable when it comes to home decor.

So I decided to design a set of happy heart confetti designs in a pastel color palette. You can choose your favorite or use them all together to create a statement gallery wall.

Hop on over to my post on Kenarry: Printable Art for Home Decor and enjoy the printable art pieces, free for download.

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