These past weeks I have actually been busy scrapbooking up a storm. It’s not a huge number for some, but a whole lot more than usual for me. I started to think about quantity scrapbooking – not that you should force yourself to simply crank out pages – but quantity sort of has to come before quality. It’s like practicing…experience… you get it by doing more.

So that’s what I’ve been up to these days. I have huge stacks of printed photos that I’ve been meaning to scrap. However, I didn’t just dive in and attempt to do it all – we know that is just scary and nearly impossible. I used organizational tips from Stacy Julian and separated my photos into stacks. That way, I could just tackle my stack of priority, well-loved, must-scrap photos. It provides great motivation!

From scrapping a whole lot in ¬†short period of time, I’ve learned many things about my own style and preferences. I’ve also learn to let go and make do as well. Since moving to Italy, I’ve since switched to storing pages in ringed binders, as well as using the regular A4 sized paper here in Europe. Although I’ve thought about just using a big journal at times, I still like being able to organize my pages separately, switch things up and add things in. So I think binders work for me. One of these days, I will decorate and label the spines…

One thing I haven’t really figured out is the act of sharing pages. I don’t like to ask people for permission to share a photo of them online, so I just tend NOT to share. Ultimately, the point is to have the pages for friends and family…but they don’t all get to flip through my books at home. Still not sure about this aspect. But I have learned a lot in the process of my little marathon scrapbooking run.

I’ve experimented with different tips and techniques, just to give it a try. Even if I’m not sure what I’m doing or if I will like it or not.

I dove into my current stash of supplies and used what I had. No waiting for the perfect matching papers or elements or whatever I’m imagining!

I’ve learned to accept things, even if they turned out slightly awry or weird. Move on…move on…

I definitely stop worrying about what is worth using that expensive supply or whatever I was hoarding…for no good reason!

I’ve also tried a lot of 2 page layouts and more than 1 photo layout…something that is challenging for me. Not to mention, being okay with scrapping about my dog madly! Some might think I’m¬†obsessed… but he’s our furbaby! I shouldn’t be ashamed to show how much love and time I really do devote to him…

I’ve also tried to combine and utilize my other arts and crafts into my scrapbooking. Stamping, digital arts, papercutting, doodling, fancy ribbons…etc…

I’ve definitely learned that I like really simple layouts and really filled up ones…pretty much equally!

I really like huge pops of color and more modern graphic design types of layouts…

As well as the slightly messier or more decorative ones. I really like using my Versamark watercolor ink to create patterns in the background. Even if I make a mess of it… I love the look.

I still don’t do much dimension, but a little more than before for sure. Not to mention, unconventional materials and recycling things around the house.

I’ve also let myself just stick a photo on the page with a bit of journaling. Maybe I’ll add to it one day, maybe I won’t…but it’s in the album. I like that.

I’m sure these are not epiphany moments for most. But I just wanted to share…that quantity actually helps with quality. It helps you to learn what you like and prefer. I’m happier scrapping now and having more fun. I’m feeling less “behind” and finding the process more approachable.

My little marathon was actually spurred on by the writing of my handmade zine Pensieri – the October issue 8 is about scrapbooking. So in writing about my thoughts in regards to scrapbooking…I went into a scrap frenzy, many realizations and experimentations. I’m happy to have gone through this process though. If you are interested in the zine btw, you can visit my Etsy shop to grab a copy. Thanks for sticking through and checking out peeks of my pages. Hope to share more soon!

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