I bought de Kooning: An American Master (affiliate link to Amazon) a while back, started reading it but was interrupted for whatever reason and literally forgot about on my dusty bookshelf. I’ve always been a fan of de Kooning’s work and actually posted about it last year. Having heard good reviews for the book, I was excited to dive into it. Sort of a behind the scenes chronicle of a great artist’s life… not to mention he was a master that actually struggled with doubt – a feature that makes me want to learn more. I feel now that he seems more human, not just a master that is put up on a pedestal to admire. I’ve also seen various works by him that seem so different and so I wanted to learn more about his work as well.

I’ve only read a little bit about de Kooning’s beginnings and childhood, but already gaining perspective on the hard work and dramatic journey of his life. It’s a hefty book, so hopefully I can get myself to schedule proper reading time. I don’t want to let it collect more dust…because I’m certain it will be helpful to dive into de Kooning’s world. Wish me luck.

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