This past week, I continued my way reading through chapter 2 of The Artist’s Way (link to copy I bought from Amazon), all about recovering a sense of identity. I must admit that I found it harder to be moved by this particular chapter.

Reading The Artist's Way

I had to re-read the whole thing because I sort of flew past it and didn’t get much out of it. Maybe I just don’t need much recovery in this department? I don’t have crazymakers in my life and the more I thought about it…the more I realized and felt grateful for the fact that I don’t have drama.

I know many folks who have a tragic story behind them, perhaps even a pivotal part of their journey to creative freedom and all that. It makes for a great story, but I don’t think you need that to happen to be a great artist or a successful person.

At times, I think people create drama for themselves to get that story. I think we all naturally have issues, darknesses, ups and downs…certainly some are decidedly more serious than others, but I don’t think you have to make it “your thing.” Not sure how to explain it, but that you don’t have to be defined by whatever circumstances you are in. Honestly, I don’t have anything to complain about or woe over because I choose not to ultimately. I look towards all the wonderful things and that makes me a much happier person and makes life way more cool…

Perhaps I have just gotten over everything, so I don’t have the patience for unnecessary drama in my life. I feel as if I have learned to live the slow life and enjoy even the little things…after coming to live here in Italy. The culture here is definitely about having a good time…or just making the best of your time here…eating well, being with family. All that good ‘ole charming homey family goodness. But since I come from a society of work, work, work and a family past of great struggles, I certainly understand what it means to work your butt off and still not have “enough.” I feel like I can jump from one to the other without drama…work hard, play hard.

I suppose part of this creative path has already been well walked upon in my case. I trust in my creativity and am growing more confident with each step. I love to follow my sparks of inspiration and have no problems when it fizzles out or turns into a failure. It happens!

I have a great support system around me that keeps me going and moving forward. I have grand plans and am definitely making progress, although I still stop and smell the flowers – often! I want to enjoy this walk of life, after all. It doesn’t have to be a painful, struggling experience and I believe it does NOT have to be so…if you choose not to live it that way.

Of course, let me backtrack a bit and note that I’m still learning so much, changing constantly and sort of growing up all the time.

I think we can never just be…in the sense of being perfect or being “there” wherever there is…because life is ever changing and we are ever evolving with it. So this week, I haven’t really changed much from this chapter of the book, but I did continue my morning pages. I missed one day and realized that perhaps I didn’t need it. I think also that sometimes doodling a bit can be as meditative as morning pages. Whatever or however we might choose to express ourselves or get things out of our minds. I’m starting to think maybe you don’t have to do it daily – yeah, I’m getting impatient already! I suppose it might be because I’m still riding off the energy from yesterday. I am so proud of myself and I guess it was a big boost of confidence and sense of self. Maybe it really does all connect after all with this week…whatever the case…I’m definitely moving forward and skipping along happily 🙂


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