I have written about and proclaimed my word of the year as focus, then revisited the topic…but now I’m rethinking it again. When I first decided that I needed to concentrate and focus, especially this year, I had the perspective of cutting down on my responsibilities. Perhaps I’m in the exploratory stage and just haven’t found my focused “thing” yet. Everyone talks about overwhelm and being unfocused and all over the place. That perhaps we have to make a decision at some point to just do xyz. So my thought was to just take stuff off my plate. That should force me to be more focused.

After trying for months…I’m not sure it’s working for me. I closed up some of my offshoot blogs and reduced my various activities and interests. Everyone tells you to take on that big priority! Only problem is that I just found new things to replace those activities that I cut. I obviously can’t help myself, I am searching for more because I’m not satisfied. I don’t know about you, but having just one thing in front of me does NOT make me focused. I’m pretty talented in pondering about other things while staring at an assignment or blank page. My thoughts wander and my imagination goes wild. Suddenly, I’m down a completely different path and frickin’ excited about it.

However, instead of kicking myself for being incapable of focusing, I’ve actually changed my definition of what focus means to me. For my personality, creativity and well being… focus does not mean restricting myself to xyz. That kind of thing stifles me and ultimately makes me unhappy. I have realized that focus simply means that I need to be 110% into what I’m doing at this moment. So if I decide to go paint, then I will paint with fury! If I need to go design something, I’ll go into design-master mode! Feeling uninspired? I go party hard. Feeling tired? I go to sleep.

What I’ve realized is that focus means to live in the moment and MILK IT! If I can’t do something to that capacity, then it’s not time for me to do that. I find myself so much more productive and content with this perspective on focus. I happen to like doing a lot of different things, having multiple projects going on concurrently and jumping from one thing to another. I might spend all day doing just one thing, because I’m so into it. Other times, I just do one little step in 5 different projects. I realize sometimes there are absolute deadlines. But again, having this mindset still gets me to plow through it. We all know that deadlines motivate as well.

Am I crazy? Well, crazy works.

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