How many of you have a word for the year? The idea started many years ago with Ali Edwards, who first shared the idea in 2006. Basically, you choose a word at the beginning of the year to focus on, mediate and reflect upon in daily life. You can read more on Ali’s blog and it has since become a class at BPC as well.

I joined along with this idea for 2011, posting about my word FOCUS. It is already April and I find myself revisiting and re-evaluating my goals based on that one little word. I realized that I am spreading myself too thin. As a result, I’m not focused. I don’t feel focused and don’t feel like I’m getting enough done. As always, we are hard on ourselves and want to do so much, even if it’s not possible. I’ve been feeling like things are just sliding along and I don’t like that feeling.

This past weekend, after finishing up my official artist website, I decided to clean up this blog as well. The Spring cleaning made me realize that I have too many blogs and it’s really distracting me from focusing on real priorities. So I just decided to official stop those extra things. Even though I had not been posting on the other blogs anyway, proclaiming the end really cleared it from my mind. I also cleaned out my RSS reader. Whoa, that took a long while. I love checking out blogs, but in the reader as an unread post…it created a lot of pressure for me. Just like when you have an inbox full of unread messages, you feel this responsibility to get to it. I had to eliminate that kind of thing. Just give myself permission to unsubscribe, delete and clear out as much as I can. I feel so much better now!

Thankfully, through all of this I have been progressing forward with my creative business 101 journey. It made me realize that focusing obviously works…even if it’s a bit each week, keeping along that path means I’m moving ahead every step of the way. Little by little, I’ll get there. I’m definitely feeling more focused. Even if I’m not feeling like working on something…there’s nothing around to distract me… so there’s no excuse!

How are you doing with your word of year? Have you done some Spring cleaning and purging this year? I wish you all the best!

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