Ever feel utterly overwhelmed and bogged down by all the tasks on your to do list? It is in these specific periods that I feel the most vulnerable and depressed.  I start to doubt my abilities and work results, driving myself deeper into a black hole.  Thankfully, there are ways to get yourself out of these downpoints in life.  Perhaps it is even a natural rhythm, the ups and downs in the rollercoaster of life.

This week has been filled with many events both personally and professionally. I think many can relate with the feeling of drowning amidst everything happening around you, seemingly flashing by before you can even remotely digest it.  I was caught in this wave of events, but gladly I am now able to revive myself with a new workspace and a little organization.

My new iMac was delivered today, so I was forced to make room for change. This one element allowed me to step back and reset my entire work area, which in turned helped me to reset in general. Not only did I clean-up and organize my physical space, I also had to start afresh and setup my new computer. It’s amazing how helpful it is to start from a blank slate. Sometimes you just need to reset everything to revive yourself. Here is my new workspace so far:


Everyone is so busy these days, we often forget to step back and relax.  Try organizing and changing your workspace a bit – you’ll be surprised how helpful a little change can be.  Do you have a never-ending to do list? Try prioritizing and only listing specific next step tasks, rather than something broad like finish the project.

I am feeling refreshed now that I have a revived workplace and organized files.  Now onward to those specific priority task items!  If you need some printable helpers take a look at my free goodies.

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