Terms like Creativity and Artist are often connected to tragic stories, struggles, and mental health issues. Yes, it’s a stereotype… but it’s not the first time I’ve wondered about the topic. It made me think about right-brainers and how that side of the brain controls those seemingly volatile and roller-coaster emotions.

Studies have shown that there is some connection between the right-brain and depression. If the left-brain was damaged and we only have the right-brain, the result is sickness. At least in mice anyway!

Depression is linked with a hyperactive right hemisphere, with evidence of selective involvement in “processing negative emotions, pessimistic thoughts and unconstructive thinking styles”, as well as vigilance, arousal and self-reflection, and a relatively hypoactive left hemisphere, “specifically involved in processing pleasurable experiences” and “relatively more involved in decision-making processes”.[18] Additionally, “left hemisphere lesions result in an omissive response bias or error pattern whereas right hemisphere lesions result in a commissive response bias or error pattern.” [19] The delusional misidentification syndromesreduplicative paramnesia and Capgras delusion are also often the result of right hemisphere lesions.[20][21] There is evidence[22] that the right hemisphere is more involved in processing novel situations, while the left hemisphere is most involved when routine or well rehearsed processing is called for.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateralization_of_brain_function

Of course, we all know that our creative work brings us good things. Our brains are complicated… I read another article that I think many people can relate to, how Art Saves! It’s obviously an oversimplification to think of our brains as left-sided and right-sided… you might be one of the other. Why resign yourself to one way of thinking?

I suppose the point is to create harmony between both sides of your brain or really, yourself. We need a whole brain or whole self to be living fully. Don’t you think so?

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