I’ve been noticing how I jump from scrapping really simple to going super decorated. From grids and little bits of information, to loud and busy patterns and embellishments all over. Pretty stuff, so I can play with paper and have fun decorating… as well as keeping a memory alive.

It certainly seems like a huge contrast, especially as I flip a through my album a bit. The more I scrap, the more I realize that I like variety. I do whatever I feel like at the moment. That means not much consistency in style. Although there’s no rule about having your scrapbooks look consistent ¬†– there’s something attractive about it all the same. Somehow, the consistency seems to make a better whole? Everything could be more complete, perhaps.

But I guess it can never apply to my scrapbooking. I go with the simple. I go with the decorated. I just scrap. Maybe that is a perfect reflection of real life. We go through different periods, styles, attitudes, personality changes Рand it can be so stark a contrast from one year to the next. Perhaps, even one day to the next. But in the end, it is all still me, despite the metamorphoses.

I’m okay with variety, but at times, I still wonder what it might be like to actually have a whole album that is more consistent. Maybe that doesn’t even exist… how do you scrap?

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