Do you create opening pages for your scrapbook albums? After watching this episode of Paperclipping, I thought it was a great idea to incorporate. I like having that opener to get the album to be more of a cohesive book, rather than just a random collection of pages.

I’m certainly not worrying too much about creating a complete storyline…but even an overall theme or idea helps to make the album a more enjoyable book to flip through. As I page through my own album, I find myself wanting to scrap a few more pages to add in. So a nice way to perk up your inspiration is to just flip through your own albums! What a thought.

What do you think about opening pages for scrapbook albums? Do you decorate your covers, the inside lining pages as well as include opening/closing pages? Or do you just use albums as purely storage and protection for your collection of pages? There’s no right or wrong way to do it, I’m just wondering what ideas others might have. I happen to really like my opening pages, it’s a chance to scrap without photos and just create as well!

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