I’ve mentioned Wilna’s Art Class workshop at 2ps before and I’m thoroughly having fun with each lesson – trying out her techniques and ideas. The first experiment was using stencils and at first I was wondering if I could apply the ideas at all… because I don’t really have stencils and don’t use them much.


However, I loved the idea of simply cutting out any shape and backing it with patterned paper. It’s been done before, but I never thought I could do it with simple shapes like a big heart. No need to own a silhouette or such… simple, but fun! I created a layout to showcase a smaller photo, so the big heart is really a focal point for the page.


Then I dug through my stash and found some tiny little bits of paper that could be used as a stencil. So with some simply gesso, I created a snowflake texture for the background of this page. It’s a simple touch that really brings so much beautiful texture to the background.


I’m realizing there’s a lot that can be done with stencils. I used to shy away wondering why a stencil would be useful, because it’s the same shape over and over again. But with all the variations possible, it’s really not limiting at all.



I’m slowly expanding out of my comfort zone and learning more for sure. That’s my scrapbooking for the weekend and I’m glad to be taking  Wilna’s Art Class – just so much inspiration and fun!

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