This year I decided to use an A4 presentation book to store my scrapbook pages since it’s super easy to slip layouts in the booklet of page protectors. It’s much more affordable than any other official scrapbooking album and it does the job. I don’t mind the office supply look that it has and I know that in the end I can always decorate it up.


I must confess that it took me an eternity to create this opening page even though it’s amazingly simple. Basically, I used the excuse of not being able to find a family photo that I liked as the barrier. I have been blocked by that one aspect and soon it was a downward spiral of not having caught up with my 2015 album and not even starting 2016… suddenly it’s nearly the end of February. Yikes.


To top off the guilt, I signed up for Layout A Day this month and haven’t participated at all. It’s a great example of buying something in hopes that you will do it… even though there’s really no time. I guess, I have a hard time admiting my limits now that I’m a mom with more responsibilities. When will I learn?!

In addition, I’m also signed up for Studio Calico kick start classes, so it’s a mess of inspiration, yet no action on my part. Really bad. I guess it got to a point of me feeling really bad and finally I got around to make my title page without photos. I gravitated towards using my doodle girl and word of the year – WORK. I really need to get to working. That is the only way to accomplish things. Often it means losing sleep, because that’s about the only time I have for myself these days.

Although I know nothing will happen without action, it’s still a constant struggle for me. At the end of the day, I’m often so tired – it’s a HUGE willpower challenge to power through the night. Once I’m in it, it’s all good… but it’s getting into it and not falling asleep myself while lulling baby Alice to sleep – that’s the challenge!

Intentions have been set, so I hope I can keep at it. Although scrapbooking takes some time, it’s so rewarding because it offers some moments for self-reflection and the keeping of precious memories and stories of my family. I want that in my life, don’t you?

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