Although my interest in using pocket pages is waning, I still have some left and have been adding them into my albums over time. Maybe it’s just my lifestyle that doesn’t exactly produce perfect little bits and pieces to put into pockets…not sure. Still love the Project Life idea, just doesn’t exactly work for me.

I did try to go with my idea of creating a digital page of “pockets” and truly hated it! I don’t like my handwriting for one thing. The paper is also bad quality, so I’m currently waiting for some matte photo paper to arrive in the mail. I generally don’t like my pocket template at all…hmm. Maybe it’s because not all the photos have anything to do with each other? Maybe the quality is throwing me off? Either way, I want to rip it apart. It’s just all wrong for me… blegh.

It’s probably not a good thing, to want to do violence to your scrapbook album. So I will be trying something new this weekend and see what happens. I will have two weeks of outfit photos to add in, so it’s a good test to see how I might put it all together without spending 8 hours trying to create perfect pretty pages. We’ll see. Wish me luck.

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