You might have noticed a while back, I consolidated my scrapbook blog BackToPaper into this one. It’s all about simplification these days. However, I’ve been dormant online, busy with mommy duties and just now trying to revamp in 2015.


You can tell I have grand plans this year for every facet of my life – planning, planning, planning. I’m a huge fan of Studio Calico and can’t wait to receive my monthly PL kit. Hopefully I’m not delusional in thinking that spending money on supplies is somewhat of a commitment and thus motivation to get scrapping.


While I wait for my box to arrive (it might take some time because I live in the Italian countryside and postal service is sort of horrendous) I’ve decided to do some clean-up and organization.


Talk about a crazy amount of supplies and paper, even though I’ve been out of it for the past year. I already have bags and bags of paper recycling to take out and at some point need to offload the books and magazines I’ve collected over time – maybe someone else will find inspiration from them?


More importantly though, I’m going through my binders of layouts and really trying to re-evaluate why I scrapbook and how I want to move forward in 2015.

We all document for different reasons. It’s not always about legacy, it might just be a creative outlet or maybe a combination of both. But there are definitely a lot of choices to make when it comes to what we document, because we all have limited time.


As I look at my old layouts, there are some that I love and others that are just… meh! I’m realizing that in the past, sometimes I’ve scrapped just because I thought I had to use that photo, even if there wasn’t a big story behind it. It’s not a long lasting kind of documentation – it just doesn’t do it for me personally.


More and more I’m realizing I need a combination to satisfy my needs. I like documenting the everyday things, but it seems a bit much to do a whole layout for a funny little thing my boy might do that day or an especially yummy luncheon we might have. So the idea of Project Life (as always) intrigues me, but I know for certain that I can’t commit. I’m always short on time, so I just can’t see myself doing the standard spreads regularly.


Somehow I need to figure out a hybrid of journaling and PL-esque system, along with occasional layouts for bigger stories. I suppose that is what many people are doing these days, but it sort of just dawned on me in 2015 – a new start after all. I figure there’s no better time to start than right now.

I hope it’s not too boring for me to share my expat Italian life and just everyday, trying to be a good mom and still be me at the same time… kind of life, here on the blog. Onward and forward with this scrapbooking hobby I so love. Wish me luck!

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