This year, Ella Publishing has put forth a community project of scrapping 12 photos on the 12th of every month in 2012. I think the idea has been around in different forms, but it’s especially novel for this year…so I decided to join in. It’s a nice way to do a day in the life, or quick snapshot into every month.

It’s obvious that my photo choices aren’t exactly from all day long, but I figure that each month I can focus on what I want! I did a long photo session of Vash…so that’s my focus for January. I created the collage and journaling digitally, printing out on photo paper. Then framed it up with some pretty paper. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the empty space though.

Originally, I wanted to make fabric flowers, but got a bit lazy, so ended up stamping an organic design with black ink and just punching a million hearts to add on. Then created a sort of fake flower with paper as an embellishment, plus a wooden tag. I’m still challenged when it comes to embellishments, because I want them to hold more meaning, but usually get carried away with just decoration. You can see the full layout in my 2ps gallery.