I’m sure there will be many more ideas as 2012 reveals itself in my scrapbooking life, however there are a few projects I already have in progress and in mind. Although it’s always fun to work on many little projects and books, I’ve definitely felt the need to consolidate lately. It’s no surprise that Project Life and Smash books (affiliate link to 2ps) are all the rage. I think they serve to make scrapbooking a part of our daily lives in a more natural, consolidated way…not to mention capturing the every day details.

I’ve always scrapped a bit in that manner, in that I keep ephemera in my albums, not necessarily on a designed page. Sometimes in protector sheets and other times I just punch holes and add them in. I have really simple pages along with more designed ones as well. Whatever works! I’ve always been quite open to change in styles…I suppose because I’m naturally that way. This year I plan to scrap in a more continuous manner in the Project Life style, keeping those journaling cards handy and adding in ephemera day by day or week by week. No pressure though, just whatever happens in my life as it comes. I think there’s this constant struggle between doing what is possible, versus still wanting everything to look pretty and designed-up in a way. I don’t always have time to do it all. But I find that I feel much more satisfied with adding things into my book in a simple manner, with the opportunity to embellish up later, if I have time. I don’t like “getting behind” – even if it’s been stressed so many times that there is no such thing as being behind in scrapbooking. But I think scrappers know what I mean.

I think that scrapping on A4 paper and in regular binders, adding in ephemera and bits…makes me a pretty relaxed scrapper already. I’ve also started printing out a calendar each month and jotting down events and thoughts on certain days. It’s a nice review type of page for my album, even though the photo is from the previous month… because I actually display this on my bulletin board. Instead of getting caught up in the logistics and details of things, I’ve just moved on ahead and feel much happier about it. Too often, we question and ponder over the “right way” to do something…when really there is no such thing. It’s just your way.

I still like creating minibooks and decor type projects though. So I plan to continue with that whenever inspiration strikes. I actually do have a flip birthday calendar partially started. The idea is to see a photo of the next upcoming birthday person…that would help me remember things!

Another project I have on the deck is my album from summer vacation in the USA. I blogged about it before and yes, it is the biggest minibook ever…really it’s not practical.

That’s why I’ve decided to redo it. The point is to share the experience with family, but such an unwieldy book just goes against it all. I wanted to do something non-digital this time around and have learned that scrapping on the go doesn’t work for me. I really just need journaling cards to jot down thoughts before I forget them. Then I have to work on it later. Lesson learned.

For now, I have a gazillion photos to go through. The holidays are always more photo heavy and I also had family visiting and many trips out in the town…so there’s literally 9,000+ photos sitting to be reviewed. Yikes. I’m obviously snap happy… wish me luck!

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