I’ve been spending all my time with the little boy and experimenting with a different type of scrapbooking lately… sort of Project Life style, but not really. It’s most digital collaging of photos with quick notes here and there. I’m trying to figure out what I can realistically accomplish and what I really love… hoping there is overlap!

LTieu-backtopaper-scrap0 LTieu-backtopaper-scrap1 LTieu-backtopaper-scrap2 LTieu-backtopaper-scrap3 LTieu-backtopaper-scrap4LTieu-backtopaper-page0 LTieu-backtopaper-page1

The challenge is to find a happy medium of digital scrapbooking because it’s faster and easier for me… but somehow still incorporate the little bits and pieces of paper, sewing and embellishment that makes me creatively happy. I’m still working on it, but decided to not worry so much and just get scrapping… the days are going by so fast, there’s no time to waste.