Lately, I’ve been feeling the need to let out so many emotions in my journaling and artwork. Sometimes, it’s too personal to share and other times it might not seem like it’s a very deep heart-wrenching expression at all. Like my little short and sweet doodle below…

There have been some worries on my mind and as always, dark thoughts seem to inevitably circle back to those demons I have lurking in the background. The issues I have faced faced time and time again… never really resolved… never really going away completely… you know? I started thinking of about life can be so short and sweet… perhaps bittersweet… but certainly sweet as well. The thought makes me a bit sad, but then also got to thinking of living life with the motto of short and sweet. How it can really drive you to milk the time you have, to not worry so much, to not dwell on the negative. To just go for it. I realize that these thoughts in my mind might seem nonsensical to you as the reader.

But the point is how grateful I feel in having an outlet – how a simple little journal can be such a relief. Maybe it’s a therapist in a book, the listener who’s always available and willing to take in my heart and soul. Whether silly thoughts, scribbles or tear or two… it’s all okay and it’s all witnessed by my trusty journal. Even when you neglect your journal for a time, it’s always welcoming you back when you are ready. That is why I love making journals and sharing them with others. I always encourage others to have their own journal as a trusty companion.

Oddly enough, I don’t ever feel so attached to my finished journals at all. I certainly want to keep them, but if something were to happen I probably wouldn’t lament too much. Perhaps it is all about the process. The short and sweet process of things in life.

Short and sweet. Short meaning direct, real, straight-forward, no masks or tricks. Sweet meaning wonderful, joyful, happy, goodness, no unpleasantries. This simple little phrase means so much to me and it’s made me think a lot about how to live my life and how I should be directing my efforts. I guess you could say it’s a motto?

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