I wish I could say that New Year’s festivities went a bit wild and that’s the reason for my MIA on the blog.  Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite.  I spent New Years on the couch and days after in bed with a high fever.  It sucks to be sick.  It sucks more to find out you are sick…the realization is so defeating to me.  Ugh.  As if the life of a creative isn’t rocky enough, life had to throw in a few more punches, trials I suppose?  Perhaps I have to prove my worth?  What did some people say…that you have to pay your dues? I hate paying dues.  Boo to dues.  Sigh.

I’m feeling much better now and although some neurons might have been burned in the fever, I think I’ll be okay.  This month will be a bit rough for me, but I know in the end it’ll all be okay.  I’m an optimist at heart.  Today is a holiday in Italy – La Befana – so I’m going to enjoy our celebrations and live to the fullest – as we all should everyday.  I will be taking a bit of blog break this week and hopefully be back soon with all the regularly scheduled posts of inspiration, store updates, freebies and more thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by my lovely blog readers. 😛

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