Finally got around to scrapping a few pages this week and had so much fun, just sticking photos and paper together. Sometimes I create multiple pages at once, because I have the ideas already in mind. Inspiration can come in waves, but sometimes there are just little sparks here and there. I often put little bits together at the moment, then set them aside. It makes it really easy to put together in the end and I haven’t forgotten the details I want to add in or create.

This time around, I actually incorporated some old cut-out clothing fabric in my layouts – thank goodness for cleaning my closet. We can pretty ┬ámuch use anything on our pages. I also tried glittering up elements – a messy process, but adds such a cute sparkle to things. I’ve been using clear varnish instead of glue, using it as an adhesive and coating on top. It seems like little bits of glitter and tinsel still fall off though, oh well.

My latest discovery is that of flocked rub-ons. I didn’t really know what it was, when I purchased the sheet… but just love the texture. It’s like those fuzzy stickers that you can’t stop feeling up! I really like the look and feel, LOL!

Although I don’t share all of my scrapbook pages, because sometimes there are other kids and people in them and I’m not sure on Internet sharing. I seem to be stuck in using my papers as backgrounds, but then adding in store-bought embellishments and such. To me, it’s still very simple scrapbooking, quite plain compared to many styles. But that’s what I like… and that’s how I scrap now.

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