Hello everyone! I have an amazing good excuse for being MIA on the blog this past week. I’m so very pleased to announce that our little new arrival is here – yay!


It was quite  a challenging experience, but I find myself looking forward to all the wonderful experiences we are having together… who cares what it took to get here, right?! Motherhood is just amazing, I can’t put it all in words. So suffice to say that I’m pretty busy with other duties these days, although I’m slowing working back into some kind of routine or schedule.


When it comes to scrapbooking about your newborn, I find myself forgetting things so quickly – perhaps from all the fatigue! I realize how important it is to jot down notes and little stories immediately. There’s always something new to discover, every single day.


Grand plans for scrapbooking, but not sure how much I can keep up with it all. I can see why folks are so into Project Life… we all need a fast way to capture memories…

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